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Why buy vehicle recovery products sourced from USA materials, engineered, and MADE IN THE USA?

Predictable performance under extreme loads. There are no surprises when extreme loads are applied to FACTOR 55 products. We follow a sound engineering process here at FACTOR 55. Take a look at a Finite Element Model version of our rope retention pulley. 75,000 pounds is applied in this mathematical model and results are analyzed, models are adjusted prior to cutting any metal in the machine shop or lab testing physical models.

These product development steps cannot be short cut if you want truly engineered and tested vehicle recovery products with repeatable results. We’ve said this before, vehicle recovery is an inherently dangerous process and not a place to save a bit of money by purchasing untested cheap imported rigging. So, where is your vehicle recovery rigging made? FACTOR 55 – Engineered, Tested, and MADE IN THE USA

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