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What does “Country of Origin” mean on vehicle recovery products?

What does “Country of Origin” mean on vehicle recovery products? Well, pretty simple actually – where it’s made. All companies must provide this information on the product packaging, it’s the law. If it doesn’t say “Made In USA”, its not.

We take pride in employing a local staff here in Idaho. From our Engineering analysis and CAD work, to sourcing USA materials with lot trace ability as well as machining, anodizing and destructive testing, our products are manufactured here in the USA. Be careful out there folks, for higher profits many American companies are simply putting their American brands on cheap imported recovery hardware. Always ask where it’s made and tested. If you are wondering where your recovery products are made, simply look for the “Made In USA” mark. If you don’t see that, then it’s not.

Factor 55 – Engineered, Tested, and Made In The USA

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