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Factor 55 Takes Part in US Military Battle Exercises

Recently we were honored to take part in some battle exercises. In this training exercise, soldiers were being instructed on Personal Security Detail Recovery. The objective of PSDR is to be able to extract a disabled vehicle quickly and safely without soldiers having to exit either vehicle. These battle conditions include vehicles damaged by IEDs as well as taking on other enemy fire. In the attached photos are examples of how these Humvees are prepared prior to entering hostile territories.

Note how vehicle recovery straps are coiled and pre-attached to the front and back of each vehicle. Also note how the ends of the straps are also easily reachable through the Humvee side windows.


As an example, under battle conditions when a Humvee is damaged by an explosive charge and rendered disabled, the next Humvee in line can pull closely along the side of the damaged Humvee, and through the side windows, soldiers can connect the two ends of the straps with a soft shackle or hard shackle, thereby attaching one vehicle to another without any personnel having to exit the vehicle and put any lives in harm’s way. Once the strap ends are securely connected and tension is applied, the tow straps will uncoil and break free from the attach points and the damaged vehicle can be safely towed back to safety. The close side by side vehicle arrangement also reduces the exposure to taking on sniper fire to the soldiers that are positioned adjacent to the open side windows. These exercises are practiced over and over again until the process is second nature. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and in this case USA soldiers came up with an ingenious way to quickly and safely extract a fellow crew in need.


These exercises were being conducted with USA made Factor 55 Standard Duty polyester Tow Straps attached with our Velcro Strap Wraps and linked together using our Standard Duty and Extreme Duty Soft Shackles.

Let’s hope that none of these soldiers will need to perform this type of vehicle recovery. Godspeed

*No Federal Endorsement Intended or Implied*

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