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Factor 55 Swag Giveaway | Find out how to Win!

FACTOR 55 Swag Giveaway Time!
To enter the contest go comment on our Instagram or Facebook posts.
1 winner from each page will be selected. 

We are giving away what you see in the pic, Factor 55 Basic Guide To Winching manual, Hat, T-Shirt and a sticker pack.

How do you win? 
Check out the attached illustration below from certified off-road trainer Bob Wohlers of Off-Road Safety Academy – Blue Sky Adventures, Inc.  showing an uncommon winch pulley setup using the “Spanish Burton” method.
Note the second independent winch line extension on the upper pulley. This changes things a bit from simply counting how many line legs are returning to the pulling vehicle. Some have stated that the “Spanish Burton” method was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci way back in the 1400’s. Would not surprise us if he did, Leonardo was the master at simple machines and kinematics. Check out some of his early sketches of pulleys – he was the man!


To win this contest, simply answer the following 3 questions correctly in the comment sections on either our Instagram or Facebook, and SHARE the post!
We will pick a random winner by Monday.
In this case assume no parasitic frictional losses. The vehicle winch reels in 1 foot of rope at 5000 pounds of winch load.
1- What is the net pulling force to the vehicle?
2- The winch pulled in a foot of rope but how far did the vehicle actually travel?
3- What is the mechanical advantage ratio?
HINT: Remember the principle of Conservation of Energy
Good Luck Factor 55 Nation!
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