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Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley | Arizona 4×4 Off-road Recovery | Heavy Truck Extraction


Some of you mentioned that you would like to see product test data from a source other than ourselves. We get it. You want to see unbiased field test data, the good and the bad.

It’s no secret that prior to releasing any products to the public, we like to gather prototype field data from a wide variety of others in the industry (Vehicle recovery companies, Racers, 4X4 Trainers, Military, SAR, Enthusiasts etc). We’ve mentioned how valuable this data can be since often times these organizations when compared to the average off-road enthusiast, use Factor 55 products in more demanding ways such as higher duty cycles and extreme loads. So, in the next few weeks instead of posting our own test data, we will be posting some videos and test data from other external sources. None of these sources were paid by Factor 55 in any way, although some of the evaluation products were offered in exchange for the field data.

Are you interested in testing/evaluating Factor 55 products? Simply send us your test plan including what instrumentation that you will be using and what data you will be recording. Don’t worry about your plan being perfect, we can work with you on creating a plan that will result in valid data. Also, for you web sticklers, let’s be easy on these testers. No test plan is perfect and in some cases, neither is the safety execution of said plan.

So let’s start out with a raw unedited video from our friend Joe Osuch of Arizona 4×4 OffRoad Recovery LLC. Joe owns a towing company and definitely uses Factor 55 products with more frequency than most. He recovers stuck vehicles off-road on a daily basis. A while back we sent him an RRP for evaluation. Although the RRP is not intended for ultra-high duty cycle applications, why not see how it holds up to this type of usage? In this case, Joe is using a 15K capacity winch to extract a well-mired F150 that others previously attempted to, but failed to recover. The F150 was not running and in neutral. No instrumentation in this case, just a video showing how the RRP functions. So, let us know what you think of these types of videos. Stay tuned for more field RRP videos revealing efficiencies, not all friction pulleys are created equal.

Factor 55 – Engineered, Tested, and Made In the USA

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