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Factor 55 Product Ideas are derived from Collaborative Efforts

Did you know that many of the Factor 55 product ideas are derived from collaborative efforts between our engineers and other industry experts? To get products into our customer’s hands faster, we have discovered that continuous feedback from the end user during the development phase can actually accelerate the product development cycle. It also mitigates developing a product that does not fulfill it’s useful purpose.

Take a look at our two Bridle winch shackle mounts derived from collaborations from the tow truck industry, fire departments, offroad trainers, racers, and military organizations. Although most of us may never need to recover a vehicle with multiple winches or multiple pull angles, the ProLink Bridle and FlatLink Multimount products allow the user to distribute the multi-directional loads across the plane of the shackle pin mounts (Similar to tow plates for ships). The center pin mount also allows for conventional single direction pulling.


So for those of you that have been part of our principled product development approach, we thank you and look forward to future collaborations.

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