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Does it matter how you use a Soft Shackle?

Alright Factor 55 Nation, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Remember, this particular Factor 55 test was only to determine ultimate breaking strength differences and not whether during cycles of tension and slack, one configuration is a more secure attachment than the other. All tests were conducted without any possible sharp edges affecting the tests. D/d of 4-6.

INTERNET MYTH – The breaking point of a common soft shackle is highest when the knot is up against the rigging.

Is it? Well the answer is NO. Take a look at the test sheets and the pile of destroyed test samples. Here is a look at the empirical evidence:

Knot in the middle average breaking strength : 45,370 pounds

Knot against the rigging average breaking strength : 44,400 pounds

Yes, the knot in the middle of the span test samples broke consistently above the knot up against the rigging by about 2.2% but as we mentioned earlier, anything below 5% we consider to be within the experimental error of the test. So for those of you who answered “the same”, good job and congratulations you are correct.

Again, be careful, the internet is full of strong opinions and false statements of authority, especially from self-proclaimed experts. Be careful what you believe to be true. Always ask to see the data to back it up.

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