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FlatLink XXL Rope Spool

MSRP: $20.00


Standard Synthetic Rope Spool

MSRP: $26.25


100'x3/8" Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope - 96040

3/8” (9.5mm) X 100’ (30.5m) Spydura Pro
For WARN Winches with up to 16,500 lbs. (7484 kg) Pulling Capacity

25'x3/8" Spydura Pro Extension - Synthetic Rope - 93121

Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope Extension with 12,000 pound pull rating with 0.375" (9.525mm) diameter and 25' (7.62m) length. For Winches with 12,000 lb. (5443 kg) pull rating or less.

5/8" Titanium Pin

MSRP: $33.75


50' x 3/8" Spydura Synthetic Extension Rope - 93119

Spydura Synthetic Extension Rope with 10,000 pound capacity with 0.375 inch diameter and 50 feet length.

50'x3/8" Spydura Pro Synthetic Extension Rope - 93122

Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope Extension with 12,000 pound capacity with 0.375" (9.5mm) diameter and 50' (15.24m) length.

50'x7/16" Spydura Pro Synthetic Extension Rope - 93326

Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope Extension - 7/16” (11mm) x 50’ (15.2m) 18,000 pound (8164kg) capacity. For Winches with 18,000 lb. (8165 kg) pull rating or less.

80'x3/8" Spydura Pro Synthetic Rope - 93120

3/8” (9.5mm) X 80’ (24.4m) Spydura Pro, for WARN Winches with up to 16,500 lbs. (7484 kg) Pulling Capacity. For heavyweight winches

Basic Guide to Winching Manual

MSRP: $6.25


With a passion for precision engineering, stringent testing, smart design, and American manufacturing, Factor 55® leads the way in vehicle recovery rigging. With experience in defense and aerospace, our in-depth knowledge of the recovery process paired with our meticulous manufacturing know-how ensure world-class, Closed System Winching® products and rigging accessories no matter what you ride or drive.

Based in Boisie, ID our American-made products have all been put through stringent testing. Products are tested to failure. We destroy them so you won’t. We then take that data, analyze it, and make sure the products are up to the ultimate vehicle recovery requirements. Whether it’s a soft shackle or a kinetic recovery rope; Rope Retention Pulley or strap—if it’s got the Factor 55 name on it, it’s been put through the wringer before it ever sees the store shelf.

We include all the information you’d need to ensure your product is ready for its intended use. This means working load limits (WLL), minimum breaking strengths (MBS), serialized numbers on straps, and helpful literature to make sure you have the right item for the job. It’s details like this that set Factor 55 products apart from the competition, and the reason we’re equipped to explore.



Closed System Winching™ is a technique that uses rigging comprised entirely of closed-link hardware. The result is the most secure and reliable winch rigging available.
In Closed System Winching, the traditional hook is upgraded to a patented Factor 55 ProLink®, FlatLink®, or UltraHook® winch line shackle mount. When combined with a shackle, you’ll have an attachment that will contain loads even during momentary slack conditions where winch loads may shift. With Closed System Winching you get the extra security and confidence needed to tackle the most demanding winch recoveries.