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Loop Guards

Loop Guard XTV

XTV(UTV/ATV) : Fits steel cables/rope to 5/16 diameter
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Loop Guard

MSRP: $92.50

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Loop Guard XXL

MSRP: $105.00

From $84.00

If you’ve opted to simply run an eyelet at the end of your steel or synthetic winch line, Factor 55 loop guards provide rope tension when cinched against fairleads to protect loops from impact, abrasion, and damaging UV light. Factor 55 Loop Guards include an integrated rubber guard for fairlead cushion and surface protection.

Some people like to have a minimalist winching setup. Often, this means not having any hook, thimble, or shackle mount on the end of the line. However, in these cases, you’re left with a rope loop dangling out of your fairlead picking up dirt, road grime, and debris and open to damage. This can shorten the winch rope’s life.

A Factor 55 Loop Guard allows you to take your rope’s looped end and hide it away when not in use. This will help to keep the product rope and extend its service life.

Our loop guards are available in three sizes, XTV for powersports vehicles, standard for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, and XXL for bigger industrial or military applications with rope diameters up to 5/8”. Like all Factor 55 products, our Loop Guards are precision made and designed, engineered, and built in the USA.



Closed System Winching™ is a technique that uses rigging comprised entirely of closed-link hardware. The result is the most secure and reliable winch rigging available.
In Closed System Winching, the traditional hook is upgraded to a patented Factor 55 ProLink®, FlatLink®, or UltraHook® winch line shackle mount. When combined with a shackle, you’ll have an attachment that will contain loads even during momentary slack conditions where winch loads may shift. With Closed System Winching you get the extra security and confidence needed to tackle the most demanding winch recoveries.