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The Importance of Material Properties

The importance of material properties.  When it comes to lightweight alloys for vehicle recovery parts, it’s hard to beat Aluminum and Titanium.  High strength, lightweight, ductility, corrosion resistance, and repeatable test performance are all of the qualities to look for.

Take a look at the attached chart showing the relative strengths versus weights of aluminum alloys and 6Al-4V titanium.  We use 6061 and 7075 Kaiser aluminum alloys along with 6Al-4V titanium alloy for our winch shackle mount products.  Of course, 7068 aluminum is the strongest of the aluminum alloys and is popular in the defense industry, but it’s cost-prohibitive in most cases.  Instead, we use 7075 and simply add more material in the high-stress areas resulting in an equivalent strength with a bit more weight. 

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