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NEW Product UTV/ATV Extreme Duty Kinetic Energy Rope 5/8″ x 20′

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT- Factor 55’s 5/8″ x 20′ Extreme Duty Kinetic Energy Rope rope is coated with a flexible, durable, weather-resistant polymeric coating. Rubberized rope eyes further increase durability at the wear points of the rope. Rated at 14,800 lb MBS, Factor 55’s 5/8″ x 20′ diameter Extreme Duty Kinetic Energy Rope is designed for use on increasingly popular UTV/ATV/POWERSPORTS machines. While smaller than some of the other Kinetic Ropes Factor 55 offers, the 5/8″ x 20′ rope still packs a lot of performance in a compact package.

Factor 55 | Engineered, Tested, and Made In The USA.


– 5/8″ x 20′ Length

– 14,800 lb Minimum Breaking Strength

– Double Braid Nylon Construction

– Polymeric Coating for Abrasion Resistance

– Sealed Against Stain and Water Absorption

– UV and Abrasion Resistant Coating

– Individually Serialized for Material Lot Traceability

– Weight 2 lbs 10 oz- Made in USA

Want to improve your recovery techniques? Be sure to pick up a copy of our Basic Guide to Kinetic Energy Recovery & Towing a Disabled Vehicle Off-Road Manual co-authored by Off-Road Safety Academy – Blue Sky Adventures, Inc.

Education is your biggest asset.

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