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Destructive Testing | Real Proof, Real Results

Is your vehicle recovery rigging validated through destructive testing? 

Does your rigging claim Working Load Limits (WLL) and Minimum Breaking Strengths (MBS) and provide proof? 

Ours is. We do. 

Here’s a teaser reel from our last round of destructive testing and proof load analysis. Stay tuned for a longer video as we share with you our entire testing process. 

Empirical evidence. Real data. 


Many of you have inquired about our destructive testing session from last week. Our product development process includes the testing of several design prototypes and small design iterations before we release a product to the public. One of our test challenges is to devise a method to attach to our products so that we can pull a load that does not break the attachment hardware and allows us to gather the Factor 55 product data instead. We prefer to use USA Crosby shackles and in some cases, the ultra strong shackles made by Skookum (9 ton WLL on a ¾ shackle – 5X Safety). In other cases where our FEA results have predicted breaking strengths of less than 30,000 pounds, we can use soft shackles like the ones from Bubba Rope. The pic below shows the type of hardware we need to gather prior to the test session. So what did we test last week?

1) Material yield and breaking test of the Rev. B UltraHook XTV (Hook Opening)

2) Material yield and breaking test of the Rev. B Ultrahook XTV (Closed System Shackle Pin Mount)

3) Material yield and breaking test of the Rev. B ProLink Expert

4) (22”) 3/8 Dyneema long bury splice soft eye - taper against blunt end test (No lock stitching)

5) (22”) 3/8 Dyneema long bury splice soft eye - tapered at both ends (No lock stitching)

6) 3/8 Dyneema knot test – Simple overhand loop knot

7) 3/8 Dyneema knot test – Bowline

Note that proof load yield testing can be in increments as low as 3000 pounds, so an enormous amount of test data is generated from these pull tests. We simply want to disseminate and summarize the data in the most useful form for you guys. Look for this test data and videos in the coming weeks. Designed, Engineered and Made in the USA