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Flat Splicer

MSRP: $130.00

From $104.00


MSRP: $182.50

From $146.00

FlatLink E (Expert)

MSRP: $208.75

From $167.00

FlatLink MultiMount

MSRP: $286.25

From $229.00

FlatLink XTV

From $170.00

FlatLink XXL

MSRP: $286.25



MSRP: $196.25

From $157.00

ProLink Bridle

MSRP: $286.25

From $229.00

ProLink E (Expert)

MSRP: $261.25

From $209.00

ProLink XTV

From $130.00

ProLink XXL

MSRP: $286.25

From $229.00

Splicer XTV

From $77.50

The Splicer

MSRP: $103.75

From $83.00

UltraHook XTV

From $286.25


MSRP: $350.00

From $280.00

Upgrade your standard winch hook with a replacement that enhances reliability, performance, and provides closed system winching. Choices include various versions of the ProLink, FlatLink, UltraHook, and more for just about any truck, Jeep, SUV, ATV, or UTV.

All Factor 55 shackle mounts, including our XTV models for powersports vehicles, can be used with either steel or synthetic rope (except for The Splicer, which is synthetic rope only). Each of the various shackle mounts offers a host of unique features and benefits depending on your application and winching needs. Whether you want a low-profile FlatLink or Flatlink E, an integrated hook as found on the UltraHook, or the original ProLink, we have what you need for vehicle recovery. Whether you’re pulling a truck, Jeep, SUV, ATV, UTV, or even extra-large vehicles, we’ve got you covered. Plus, many Factor 55 winch line shackle mounts can be had in a variety of colors to go along with any vehicle build.

No matter which you choose, you get an American-made product that’s been precision engineered and tested to destruction. With top-tier components, such as a titanium sheer pin, precision CNC-milled military grade aluminum, and EPDM rubber pads to protect against rattling, you can be assured you’re getting the world’s best shackle mounts. Trusted by off-roaders, racers, and even the military, Factor 55 winch line shackle mounts help you become “equipped to explore” no matter if you’re out for a day, a week, or a lifetime.



Closed System Winching™ is a technique that uses rigging comprised entirely of closed-link hardware. The result is the most secure and reliable winch rigging available.
In Closed System Winching, the traditional hook is upgraded to a patented Factor 55 ProLink®, FlatLink®, or UltraHook® winch line shackle mount. When combined with a shackle, you’ll have an attachment that will contain loads even during momentary slack conditions where winch loads may shift. With Closed System Winching you get the extra security and confidence needed to tackle the most demanding winch recoveries.