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UTV | ATV | Powersports

FlatLink XTV

From $170.00

ProLink XTV

From $130.00

UltraHook XTV

From $286.25

Factor 55's patented XTV products rely on the same precision engineering, stringent testing, smart design, and American manufacturing as all our other products, and are made specifically for the unique needs of ATVs and UTVs.

The ProLink XTV is Factor 55’s powersports version of our original shackle mount. Trusted and used by first responders worldwide, ProLink is easy to install and allows winch owners the ability to replace the vehicle’s winch hook with a stronger shackle/D-Ring mount.

FlatLink XTV is Factor 55’s original folding winch shackle bracket for ATV and UTV winches. Features include a precision shackle mounting hole and a folding design giving you a lower profile and allows for a better approach angle than ProLink.

Originally developed to meet the needs of off-road racers who wanted the speed of a hook and functionality of closed system winching, the low-profile UltraHook XTV features an industry-first closed system shackle mount hole machined into the body of the hook and installs in minutes. A latch pin, which is stored in the hook’s body, can lock the safety latch securely into place for a true Closed Loop System™.

Factor 55 XTV winch line shackle mounts are available in a host of colors to with any ATV or UTV build. They’re compatible with steel or synthetic rope and made in the USA with premium products. From durable CNC-machined aluminum, to strong powder-coated finishes, Factor 55 XTV winch line shackle mounts are up to anything you can dish out on your ATV or UTV.



Closed System Winching™ is a technique that uses rigging comprised entirely of closed-link hardware. The result is the most secure and reliable winch rigging available.
In Closed System Winching, the traditional hook is upgraded to a patented Factor 55 ProLink®, FlatLink®, or UltraHook® winch line shackle mount. When combined with a shackle, you’ll have an attachment that will contain loads even during momentary slack conditions where winch loads may shift. With Closed System Winching you get the extra security and confidence needed to tackle the most demanding winch recoveries.